Applied Research

The core of our practice is its applied scientific approach and method.

The Science of our methodologies requires strong validation and reliability in its results. For nearly 30 years MIND Peak Performance has investigated, analysed and reported on key research in the areas of learning and human performance.

MIND Peak Performance LogoToday, It is a leading researcher in the evolving area of Neurogenesis and the utilization of multiple scientific modalities to solve complex questions relating to brain function and maximization. The use of bio neurological testing, portable brain gamma analysis and physical stimuli to rewire brain neural patterns.
The ability to confidently predict behaviour change as a result of our measurement is a cornerstone of the practice.

Current world wide research programs include

  • Learning effectiveness measurement in training, coaching and on line modalities
  • Money market and fixed income traders focus, alertness and concentration through gamma brain wave training
  • Using bio neurological feedback and homeostasis attainment to increase sales
  • Safety improvement using neuro coaching methodologies

Using our valid and reliable scientific techniques to predict statistically sound outcomes is core to our practice. We are always prepared to test our predictions in real worlds applications.

Please contact us to investigate your research and application needs.

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